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Home Products Profile New Styles e-mail Query Contact Us

Ordering Information

We have lot of products with so many styles in every product.
It's not possible for us to give prices ONLINE.
Please select style no's & ask for prices through e-mail/mail/fax or telephone.
We will give prices accordingly.

Shipping Charges
Please confirm the quantity & exact place of delivery.
We will calculate the shipping charges & inform the same.

Production Time
Most of the items are generally in stock.
We can advise the time according to the quantity.

Payment Option
We do not support ONLINE purchasing.
We always ask for advance payment.
1.You can pay through TT(swift message).
2. You can pay by banker's cheques payable at Delhi, India
3.You can pay through

We will dispatch the order from India by Air/courier/mail.

More Styles
If you didn't find desired item on our web-site, We can make the same as per your specification's or replicate it from the picture.
We do have more styles in all products which are not online.We can send the pictures through mail if you specify the product.

Minimum Order
It varies from product to product.

  • E-Mail: Contact us by e-mail with your complete ordering information and postal address.

  • Mail:By mail you can also place order along with your samples or with our product numbers as mentioned on our website

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